When it comes to restaurant service, you need efficiency and reliability. Today, a restaurant can be run on a single iPad thanks to a software point of sale system. An iPad PoS system is much less expensive than a point of sale computer system which can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Instead, you can track inventory, take orders, and manage customer records on an iPad. There’s also software that links directly to the cash register system. Some of these systems allow users to swipe customers’ cards at low per-transaction fees.

The perks of iPad PoS systems extend to restaurant workers. Wait staff can enter orders automatically, eliminating human error and ensuring each order is recorded and tracked. The restaurant can guarantee the right orders go through each time while every purchase is accounted for. Such systems are especially useful during high periods of demand. This ensures things go smoothly and the establishment is able to take in a higher revenue.

Even owners of popular, high-volume New York City restaurants have benefited from iPad PoS systems. The options though, are easy to find and affordable. Groupon offers its own PoS software, Breadcrumb Pro. It’s just $99 per month and suited for full-service restaurants. Square Register is another one. It’s free but offers a range of functions for quick serve establishments.

In fact, larger companies known for complex, expensive point of sale systems are moving over to more innovative iPad solutions. One example is NCR. Many restauranteurs are familiar with the name. Many startups, however, are starting to dominate because of their easier, more affordable modern solutions. In any case, the iPad PoS system is fast, convenient, and working for many different types of restaurants, breweries, and other establishments where quick and accurate sales are essential.