How Does Food Distribution Work

Woolco Foods stocks over 10,000 items, including produce, meat, dairy, dry goods, frozen foods, paper goods, groceries, small wares, cleaning supplies, baking goods, Asian specialties, pasta products, oil & vinegar selection, tomato products, and more.

How Does Food Distribution Work?

Food distributors handle the logistics and storing of food when it shifts from the producer to businesses in the food industry (cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc.). At Woolco Foods, we have full-fledged storage and warehousing facilities and use refrigerated trucks to get the products safely to their destination. The good thing is that we procure, store and distribute a variety of food supplies, plus we currently have more than 10,000 products in our inventory.

How To Order Food For Your Restaurant?

Your order depends on how many people you normally serve; simply put, you need to have enough supplies at hand to meet current demand. This can be achieved by considering past orders, current inventory left behind from previous orders, predicted demand, etc. Once you have narrowed down to an ideal inventory, place your order.

We have decades of experience working with businesses in the foodservice industry with exceptional quality food supplies and we have all the required products in stock. To know more about or to become a customer, get in touch today.

What Do Food Distributors Do?

In essence, food distributors acquire food from its source and distribute it to the businesses that require it without risk of wastage, spoilage, etc. during the process.

How Late Can I Order?

Our cut-off times for Next-Day Delivery are as follows:
Sunday – Thursday:Β  9PM
Friday:Β  5PM
Saturday: Closed

Why Can I Rely On Woolco?

We’ve been in business for over 30 years and in that time we have established a reputation for putting customers first. We are very accommodating when it comes to delivery times, order minimums, and sourcing specialty items. Also, in the rare instance that one of our deliveries has a mistake, we will fix it within 24 hours, and often the same day.

What Is Your Minimum Order Size For Delivery?

Our delivery minimums are lower than the industry average, however, they differ from area to area. The best way to figure out what your minimum would be to ask a sales representative. You can reach a sales representative by calling 201-716-2700.

How Do I Set Up An Account?

It’s very simple! Just call 201-716-2700 and ask to set up a new account. You will then be walked through the painless process of opening an account with Woolco Foods.

How Do I Set Up An Account For Online Ordering?

Call us at 201-716-2700 and ask to speak to the office manager about setting up an online ordering account or send an email to info@woolcofoods.com including your name and account number.

Do You Require A Credit Application?

If you are looking for terms or are looking to pay by check, then we will need a credit application filled out and submitted.Β  In addition, we also accept all major credit cards. If you would prefer to pay by credit card, simply fill out the credit card authorization form and send it in.