News From the Farm

Successful food distribution begins with responsible food sourcing. Woolco maintains excellent relationships with local farmers to support a strong ecosystem of quality and integrity around all fresh produce. In an effort to provide complete transparency about these practices, we’re giving you updates straight from the source. Because food doesn’t just appear—it has to grow somewhere first.

Green Your Scene

Woolco Foods brings over 30 years of wholesale produce experience in sourcing, market reports, inventory/quality assurance management, food safety, & more! Our produce team is dedicated to sourcing the best produce at a competitive price. At Woolco Foods we can procure the finest produce from local markets.

Experience Fresh – Quality – Local

Woolco Foods offers a full line of fresh produce; our in house produce team is dedicated to getting you what you need at the right price. Woolco Foods receives daily deliveries of standard, seasonal and specialty produce to ensure consistent availability of produce and maximum freshness. These deliveries are inspected on a daily basis for consistent quality, ensuring you get the very best on each delivery. Whether you are looking for large quantities or split cases, we can accommodate any chef’s needs.

We Bring the Farm

Restaurants, hotels, bakeries and caterers have depended on Woolco Foods to supply and deliver the highest quality produce in the New York tri-state area. We take pride in what we do and it shows. To view daily produce lists and prices, contact your sales representative or a customer service representative by phone, 201-716-2700 or email,