Proud Store Owner

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Deb Weiner, Sugar Sweet Sunshine

"They're always willing to work with us on pricing and there have been occasions where we have been low on essential items and they've sent a driver out. That goes a long way."

Morgan’s BBQ

"I like Woolco Foods because they are reliable, they have great products and their drivers are great. On top of that they can get me anything I need and I love getting second run deliveries. My sales rep is hands down the best, and gives Woolco the advantage over competing food distributors."

Darren, Owner, Malt House Restaurant

"An advantage I get from using Woolco Foods is efficiency and quality. I love my sales rep Michael, he is always on top of everything! Woolco has the best service in the industry!"

Marietta Restaurant

"Woolco’s customer service is 100%, hands down, the best. My rep is always there for me when I need a favor and because of this, and Woolco going the extra mile with special items, I gain a huge advantage."

Ramona Restaurant

"I absolutely love Woolco, my sales rep always answers his phone and that is priceless. The prices are great and I always get what I order."

Tom Birchard, Veselka

"Without the support of Woolco it would be much harder to run this business. I'm very thankful to have Woolco foods."