For Pastry Chefs

Pastry chef new york

If you’re a pastry chef, New York is the place to be. But that doesn’t mean that creating exceptional, delectable products on a consistent basis is easy. To achieve successful results, you are often required to follow strict recipes and incorporate a precise set of ingredients.

Many of the items you use are highly perishable and need to be moved quickly, which means flexible delivery times are crucial. At Woolco Foods, we make it easy to secure pastry supplies in NYC and NJ, accommodating the process better than most purveyors and consistently delivering to Pastry Chefs at their preferred time of day.

In addition to early deliveries, Woolco also stocks an overwhelming number of baking items & supplies. Whether a recipe requires high-end chocolate, a particular type of flour or a specialty topping, Woolco has it all, always offering a wide variety of products and the highest caliber brands.

Woolco caters to some of the most well-known bakeries in the NYC area, a few of which are world renowned. It is through our commitment to excellence and extraordinary service that we have maintained relationships with these high-profile companies.

We’re proud to be a leader in pastry and bakery supply in NJ and New York. Whether you are a multi-unit, well-known chain or a single pastry shop, Woolco can accommodate you.

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