New York’s Finest Hotel Food Distributors

Hotel Food Distributors

Some of the finest hotels in NYC use Woolco Foods and have done so for the past 30 years. Whether you need to put together a fantastic continental breakfast, stock the mini bar, offer items in the hotel “store,” or run a full-service restaurant, being one of the top hotel food distributors, Woolco has everything to fit your needs.

In addition to that, Woolco also offers unparalleled service that is specifically designed to make your life easier. Low minimums, late ordering, on-time delivery, and great prices make us the best food suppliers to hotels.

As a hotel, you need to focus on creating the best experience for your guests. This becomes much easier, when you don’t have to worry about the delivery of your essential ingredients and supplies. Woolco allows you to place your orders for hotel food supplies with the confidence that you will get the items you need, whenever you need them. On the rare occasion that there is a mistake with your delivery, Woolco will fix it that same day. Woolco also offers emergency same-day delivery to all customers!

Our customers rely on us for their hotel food supplies because of our inventory of over 10,000 products – as such, we supply all the Produce, Dry Goods, Groceries, Dairy, Cheese, Meat, Small-wares, Cleaning Supplies and Paper Goods that you need. Woolco also has a full line of portion control items that are perfect for continental breakfasts and minibars, so you can rely on us for your hotel breakfast food supplies.

Contact Woolco today to learn how we can make your life easier by becoming your hotel food distributors.