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Holland & York: Catering to the Hospitality Industry

Holland & York products are exclusively sold by Woolco Foods, a testament to our mission and how much we believe in this brand. From today’s most sought after chefs to the most elite mixologists, elaborate pastry chefs and/or those who just love to bring to life edible creations, using the freshest, purest ingredients and finest products will cultivate delicious flavors, leading to enhancing your menu while keeping ahead of culinary trends, increasing productivity and growing your business in the hospitality industry. Woolco Foods carries a diverse range of Holland & York products to service your specialty and functional needs for your restaurant, bakery, hospital, hotel or institution.

The Holland & York Brand

Holland & York products set the foundation for chefs, caterers, crafters, and institutions to create an opportunity to provide their customers with high-quality food and service. With a passion behind exceptional food and beverage, Holland & York products are committed to the success of our hospitality industry. Consistency and quality make for the perfect pairing of Holland & York products and a clear choice for all kitchens.

When it comes to better value, Holland & York products are chosen by the top-tier chefs & mixologist/bartenders in the business. Tailoring menu options which allow for elaborate garnishes, key ingredients and finishing touches, really add to the most enjoyable dining experience. These products reveal to the consumer how much detail and care goes into every dish or signature cocktail. Our audience is vested in their consumers, therefore they invest in our showcased items which invite consumers to delight in their senses with the staple products of sweet and savory accompaniments. Holland & York represents values, attentive services, and exclusive offerings rivaling all other National brands. 

Guaranteed Quality Products

Through the line of Holland & York products, you will be able to improve your food and beverage menu with signature beef, premium condiments, cocktail garnishes, and more at lower cost without compromising consistent performance or assurance of quality. 

Signature Beef
Not all breeds are created equal. What makes Holland & York Signature Beef products great, is great breeding. Our ground beef tastes better and is healthier for you because of where it comes from and how it is cared for. Understanding the types and grades of beef in the Holland & York selection guarantees satisfaction. From ground beef to burger patties or beef sliders, Holland & York has a blend for you!  Holland & York signature beef is a luxury beef experience relishing in leanness, nutrition value and of course succulence in every bite. 

Our ground beef, noodled and free flow, is not a highly compressed, commoditized product. We don’t deviate from our formulation or raw materials which always deliver a consistent product. Every package of ground beef is hand aligned into convenient vacuum packaging. With us, automation will never replace quality. Ultimate flow patty technology produces a product that stays flat on the grill while providing a consistent cook, superior yield, and tender bite. 

In addition to our many different blends, our patties are available in multiple lean point also (75/25, 80/20, 85/15, 90/10) with a 24-day shelf life from date of production with “Use By” date on each package and EZ Peel tab for ultimate convenience multiple patty sizes and thicknesses available.

Cocktail Garnishes
Cocktail garnishes are more than just decorative ornaments to add flare to your delicious mixed drinks. Cocktail garnishes by design give a burst of complimentary flavors along with their eye-catching appeal. Think sweet maraschino cherries or pickled onions, or the savory embellishments like olives or pickles meant to satisfy every ‘cheers’! Let Holland & York cocktail garnishes be the finishing touch to your signature cocktail.  

Premium Condiments
Condiments go a long way, and customers live for a special sauce. Creating the perfect pairing between a sandwich and dipping sauce makes each bite that much better. The options are endless. Add some bold adventurous flavors to Holland & York’s ketchup or mayonnaise to create a delicious house-made aioli, ranch or a zesty barbecue sauce. Holland & York products are the base to your next crave-worthy sauce.

Tomato Products
As we know tomatoes are in a class all of their own. As one of the most versatile forms of produce, there is no wonder Holland & York products have a category dedicated to the quality of their tomatoes. From their crushed tomatoes to thick purees and seasoned sauces, their tomato products deliver a fresh quench of flavor as an added ingredient to so many of your signature menu items. 

Holland & York stands behind hospitality with their premium products.