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Vegan Food Is Not a Trend: Partner with Woolco Foods for the Plant-Based Future

The vegan food market is a one growing area that shows no signs of losing momentum. Part of our responsibility as NYC’s premier food distributor is to be in-step with the current food zeitgeist, identifying key patterns that we can support with our quality products. Consider a few numbers: 

  1. Between 2017 and 2019, plant-based product sales in the US grew by 31.3%
  1. In the five year span of 2012 to 2017, non-dairy milk sales in the US increased 61%
  1. Despite all of 2020’s turmoil, at least a dozen vegetarian and vegan restaurants have opened in NYC since the pandemic began.   

We’re seeing modern diners—whether for ethical, environmental, or health reasons—embrace vegan food and vegan restaurants in impressive (and rising) numbers. And through this lens we can say that while the future may not be totally meatless, there will certainly be less meat. What does this mean for your restaurant, bar, or catering company? An opportunity to plant yourself in the revolution. Woolco can help. 

Work with the Most Dependable Restaurant Food Supplier for Vegan Products

It’s important to think of plant-based eating as something woven into the fabric of the food world—not a gimmick. Plant-based meats, non-dairy milks, and seasonal fruits and vegetables are not limited to those who identify as vegans. It’s all part of the same ecosystem. 

Woolco Foods extensive inventory is loaded with fresh produce and other vegan supplies that can be used to develop new vegan dishes, or offer alternatives to traditionally meat-based products and meals for those seeking them. We partner with local wholesale food distributors who provide us with the freshest produce in New York.

Vegan Menus Can Offer a More Sustainable Model

Gone are the days when one non-meat dish on a menu—a basket of fries or a vague vegetable medley—would cover the vegetarian/vegan quota. A more plant-based approach to business can have a big impact by satisfying more diners and allowing you to offer dishes at a more affordable price point. Though we are New York and New Jersey’s top food distributor, we can also help with consultative services for vegan menus, covering both the vision and the execution.

Woolco Foods x Vegan Foods

Woolco Foods has built a reputation around exceptional customer service, sensible pricing, and an unmatched selection. This extends to our vegan offerings. A partnership with us opens the door to new possibilities around the future of food. Less meat, more vegetables, same commitment to excellence. 

Learn more about our leadership in the NYC food distribution world, and connect with us to discuss plant-based products and ideas for your business.