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‘Tis the Seasonal: Woolco Delivers Top Products for Your Holiday Menu

A restaurant’s holiday menu epitomizes the holiday atmosphere in a way nothing else can—warming spices, rich sauces, and indulgent desserts that evoke specific memories for guests. It’s the time of year that begs for chefs to lean into classics and push nostalgic flavor profiles into the modern era. As NYC’s premier food distributor to restaurants, Woolco Foods provides the essential ingredients for your seasonal menus throughout November and December—from appetizers and mains to beverages and desserts.

Sweet and Savory Ingredients for Dynamic Seasonal Dishes 

No other season celebrates the intersection of sweet and savory quite like fall. Woolco Foods has the versatile ingredient inventory to spark your creativity during recipe and menu development. We offer nuts and dried fruits for charcuterie plates, sweet quick breads, and stuffings. Pumpkin puree for pies, souffles, and ravioli filling. Cinnamon for scones, roasted squash, and eggnog topping. 

And of course, in addition to these seasonal specialities, Woolco also maintains a robust and carefully-sourced inventory of seafood, meat, and poultry sourced through our qualified network of meat producers and packers.

Wholesale Baking Supplies for Holiday Desserts

This is the time to go headfirst into every possible take on a sweet pumpkin experience: pumpkin pies, pumpkin tarts, pumpkin loaves, and pumpkin mousse. But you can also satisfy any other imaginable dessert ingredient need with Woolco’s wholesale baking supplies. Whether your restaurant needs flour, sugar, and butter, or nuts, dried cherries, and figs, we’re ready to help with everything from menu consultation to final distribution.

Woolco Foods Blog | 'Tis The Seasonal: Woolco Foods Has All the Top Products for Your Holiday Menu

Great Base Ingredients for Seasonal Beverages 

Pumpkin spice lattes get all the attention once September (or even late August) hits, but a seasonal beverage menu can set the tone in a restaurant, whether it features cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks, or all of the above.  

While Woolco Foods does not sell alcohol, our selection of restaurant beverages can serve as great bases or mixers to the seasonal cocktails you might dream up: winter sangria, spiked apple cider, cranberry margaritas.

Non-alcoholic selections can also drum up the seasonal spirit. A cranberry-cinnamon spritzer made with Pellegrino, perhaps? Or warm, comforting drinks—peppermint hot chocolate, cinnamon-maple coffee, and ginger tea.  

Good Partnerships Aren’t Seasonal

High-quality ingredients are the springboards to the next great, holiday menu idea. And Woolco Foods is a partner you can trust to support that process all year long. Learn more about our leadership in the NYC food world, and connect with us to discuss seasonal menu concepts and product suggestions.