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Offer a Unique and Profitable Brunch at Your Restaurant

There is one mantra every restaurant should abide by when it comes to brunch; if you build it, they will come! And piggybacking off a field of dreams, brunch too, can be considered another one of America’s favorite pastimes. As restaurateurs’ hunger for more business, potential patrons’ hunger for all types of Brunch services and events. 

Brunches have become the biggest weekend draw for owners to generate larger crowds and create a marketing bonanza with the use of free social media tools and influence. Brunch specials pave the way to entice new and distinct demographics who are seeking spaces for private parties like Bridal Showers, Baby Showers or even increase traffic and sales with Drag Shows, Live Music, and more. It’s an amazing arena for a variety of entertainment service lines to take advantage of the simple idea of adding champagne to orange juice alongside your brunch menu. It’s an opportunity for repeat consumers to stay engaged with their favorite local haunts while reaching a new audience. All types of restaurants, offering up a wide variety of cuisines or styles, will benefit from the outcome of adding brunch. The possibilities are endless.  

Menu Options Have Changed

No matter what the vibe, putting together the ultimate brunch menu and specials is key. A twist on the classics, or a mix of authenticity and exclusivity can make every restaurant go-er feel like they aren’t just going for a late breakfast/early lunch, but a full-on experience! 

Whether it’s starters or entrees, executive chefs are encouraged to get creative. We always recommend enhancing unique cocktails or the staple Mimosa carafe with freshly squeezed juices by Perricone Farms, that might as well be a centerpiece for the table. You know everyone’s thirst will be quenched with the most organically sweet elements. Adding garnishes to Bloody Mary’s like bacon and dill pickles from Holland & York are also the perfect blend for that savory touch. And if you happen to be a restaurant without a liquor license, then promoting a BYOB brand can be just as an effective marketing initiative. 

Stay Legit  

Although every brunch needs a gimmick, stay true to the heritage of your restaurant, and don’t stray too far from what your objective is—add to your brand, don’t change it just for the sake of brunch. For instance, if your restaurant runs on the love of your family’s cultural cuisine—run with it. A great example is Veselka in the East Village of NYC. Their Ukrainian dishes with a homemade Brunch Pierogi (Varenyky) filled with bacon, scrambled egg, Vermont cheddar and potato, or their popular Buckwheat Pancakes with Kielbasa as a voice of meat, is what keeps people coming back for more! They can have brunch anywhere, but people choose Veselka for a reason. 

Brunch With A Skyline View of NYC or NJ

Since we are in the heart of the Big Apple already, another great spot done right is Tavern on Jane in Greenwich Village of NYC. They offer one of the most cost-effective prix fixe menus that will make you drool. And there is no better way to wake up in the city than with an entrée, a basket of muffins and croissants, coffee or tea, and one select brunch cocktail—all for $26 in Manhattan! 

Coming up with alternatives to boost biz has been quite difficult, especially as we navigate through these newer times. Many people are working from home and there has been a big dip in adults eating breakfast/lunch out in public settings. Businesses in the area have certainly been effective and suffered. Millennials either can no longer afford the expense of eating out frequently and save brunches for social scenes on the weekend.

Interestingly enough, even though we’ve all been hit hard, we are still finding the trend of brunch as a major interest in people–particularly in the tri-state area. Hundreds of millions of searches take place every day on Google and social media where all individuals are on the hunt to discover the next happening brunch. 

Use Your Platforms

Promoting your brunch may possibly be the easiest and most fun part of your efforts. You can capitalize on the platforms because when you develop a brunch experience and not just a brunch, your patrons will do the advertising for you. With check-ins, posts, tags, reviews, photos and more, your guests will create a priceless buzz around your bunch.

Don’t forget to utilize server productivity to help push brunch reminders to guests and their own social avenues. Encourage them because their pockets will ultimately reap the benefits as well. Then, of course there are the usual tactics of signage, print collateral, or investing in ads.

But always remember, now that we are all working towards normalcy and fun once more, people want to be out and about again. So why not go for brunch? There’s no better time than now!