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What to Look for in a Quality Ingredient Wholesale Food Supplier

A wholesale food supplier, like Woolco, are the key ingredient when it comes to spicing things up in the restaurant business. Wholesale food suppliers provide all of the consumables used to make the menu items in commercial kitchens. These foods are the absolute foundation of the food service industry and keeping things cooking — literally and figuratively speaking. The value of keeping an organized inventory of top-quality meats, local and seasonal produce and farm-fresh dairy, as well as the best frozen and dry-goods are what keeps restaurants functioning in high-volumes and capable of nourishing their patrons with their signature dishes! 

Wholesale Food Suppliers Backing Up Businesses

As restaurants prepare to get back to business, leading wholesale food suppliers such as Woolco are here to back them up. Whether it’s with their expert operatives, their information & resources and of course, their products, Woolco heavily supports the businesses that rely on them to survive beyond the hardships of this pandemic and diminish the lasting effect it has had on restaurateurs. And by feeding the business, they are feeding the communities! 

Being devoted to the lifestyle of hospitality, restaurants, or perhaps a hotel/resort compound, or even an event caterer, it is imperative to be affiliated with a trusted wholesale food supplier will only aid you to thrive in the service field. Businesses will have the ability to provide and enhance premium menu options which are always critical to the success of your establishment. Consistency and reliability is equally important when it comes to serving up the main course! Woolco is a prime example of one of the best wholesale food suppliers as a vendor who offers a tremendous variety of supreme meats and produce and other needed products, which will only help to keep costs down and save time as a one-stop shop. 

The Right Ingredients Help to Make The Chef 

And even the greatest chef will attest, they cannot pull off a perfect meal with poor-quality ingredients. It’s all about choices and availability of the most requested items to be stocked fresh. Make sure that where you are sourcing your products observes a strict process control so that every delivery is nothing but quality. All wholesale food suppliers must hold credentials that they abide by all health and safety regulations. Your wholesale food supplier should have a top-chef stamp of approval to ensure their credibility carries on.  

A Chef Knows Best: Flavoring Your  Business 

Leia Gaccione, chief and executive chef and owner of the renowned New Jersey based eatery, South and Pine, who recently spoke on ‘The Profitable Table’ fed by Woolco Foods to discuss everything a person needs to get started in the culinary business, from designing and executing on your dream concept to the importance of the food suppliers who allow her to serve her talent straight onto your plate!

She engages with Steve regarding the time in her career when she worked with Bobby Flay and the influence he had on her in and outside of the kitchen. 

“The second most important thing that I learned from him and it’s something I continue to teach to my chefs and team is that if you aren’t tasting the food yourself, then you are not really cooking! I don’t think that cooking is as complicated as people make it to be. There is a mix of technique and quality of ingredients. And I think that it’s really important that while you are cooking that you need to taste and make sure that the food is balanced because the ingredients are what makes good food, good food.” 

– Leia Gaccione

Steve reiterates the sentiment and the conversation shifts to how New York City used to be a mecca for food. Jersey residents would travel into the city for a taste of culture on every street corner. However, thanks to chefs like Leia, with their passion and craft for artistic expression and delivering savory and sweet nothings melting in our mouths, we are now  noticing a reverse trend happening, where people are coming from the city into New Jersey for the quality food experiences and a new restaurant and foodie scene of its own. 

Leia accredits this transformation to being so close to the high-standards of which Manhattan has set for restaurants as they navigated next door, across the hudson, and also to the fresh farm, localized sources and landscapes of New Jersey to have easy access to the absolute best food suppliers on the east coast.  

With so much content circulating on specific recipes and direction, Leia has found the perfect niche of blending the business side with the culinary chef aspects — and that middle ground can be found in the quality, fresh ingredients from the wholesale food suppliers.