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How To Use Wholesale Food Suppliers To Run Your Restaurant More Efficiently

When it comes to running your restaurant or service business more efficiently, wholesale food suppliers are a key ingredient. There are so many challenges that owners are facing, especially now. Wholesale food suppliers, like Woolco, are leading the commitment towards caring for the industry and for the people. By sourcing all of the right products that are needed while providing a seamless process to maintain, owners are able to continuously nourish their neighbors and local communities with the supplies and food that are seemingly running low. Through sustainability, Woolco shows leadership during extraordinary times, solidifying their role in the restaurant and service industry.The absolute best way to stay efficient is to keep the 3 ‘P’s in mind, People, Product, and Process! The main purpose of Woolco will always be to connect people with their products by process! 

In the latest episode of  ‘The Profitable Table’ fed by Woolco Foods, owner Steven Toboroff sits down with the highly-accredited thought leader in the hospitality industry, Constance “Connie” Van Stroud, Product Manager of the innovative app, Choco. Choco is essentially an ordering platform which connects restaurants and suppliers with one another. Specifically restaurants are able to streamline all of their activity with all of their vendors into one application of contact. Typically, restaurant owners have to use various avenues of text, email or even fax to 10 or more different suppliers adding to their busy schedules. This can be time-consuming, tedious and even adding expense because time is money. Choco eliminates this chaos. As a supplier, the best way Choco is used is to consolidate all of their orders into one platform to make their customer order management a bit easier to maintain and less likely for human error to occur. 

With rapid expansion, Connie is responsible for understanding the ins and outs of the product, how it should be built, how it can improve, and how it can bring increasing value to customers on both sides of the spectrum. Connie implements the solutions based on the current consumer experience through the software design as well as learning how to navigate the program as a way to attract new customers. She facilitates the creation of updating features and rolling out new initiatives. Through this technology, wholesale food suppliers and restaurants can participate together in driving change towards bringing the industry back to life efficiently.  

Relaunching the Service Industry 

During the pandemic as organizations like Amazon and Fresh Direct were unable to complete their usual deliveries in their traditional timely manner, businesses and individuals began to suffer immediately. After this delay began to impact the service industry in a tremendous way, Choco was built as the resolution within two days. Choco was founded based on the core value to combat the aspects contributing to global warming which is food waste. With food waste being the number one component adding to climate change, @appchoco has created and implemented a more sustainable way of ordering online and reducing the impact that the hospitality industry has on the environment. 

The mission is to take action against this global catastrophe as food waste in the supply food chain affects everyone from the producers to the end link which is the consumer. More often than not, consumers, whether your average everyday person to a restaurateur, most individuals simply do not know where their food comes from. At each stage as the food is transported, there is a disconnect in the system where the parties are not directly speaking to one another to ensure competence and proper productivity- resulting in inefficiencies and overall food waste. Choco allows you to track the data and connect through technology which prevents these types of discrepancies at every single stage of the supply chain. 

Benefits of Working with Independently-Owned Food Suppliers

Learning how we can stay connected to our food suppliers with programs like Choco is a key element. However, there is also an internal interface that should not be overlooked when it comes to running your business. It is imperative to select the right food suppliers that are engaged in these programs and that can easily provide a carbon blueprint for the value that they bring to your restaurant or business. As you can see based on the below graphics, there are 4 major factors when it comes to choosing a supplier who uncovers minimum delivery requirements or other possible deterrents. Woolco, for instance, has lower fees and minimums than the industry average, guarantees of faster delivery times, and a more open geographical range to reach a wider audience of businesses and consumers. When ordering from a food supplier like Woolco, their delivery model is constructed to accommodate the clients of the service industry and their schedules. Woolco accepts orders until 9:00 pm, EST. And with their ongoing customer service channel they are able to resolve any concerns within 24 hours. 

Investments in local products tend to have major payoffs—especially in the tri-state areas. Local means lucrative. The right food suppliers will be sourced more locally to ensure the mileage does not affect the delivery when it comes to time or cost. This also guarantees freshness as the less time the meats, produce and dairy spends traveling, the fresher it will be for business! You will also receive personalized attention with seasonal recommendations and actual data tracking and reports on food trends that will most likely, and positively impact your operation. With the ability to customize, specialty ingredients needed for menu items will be delivered from the right local sources. Keeping these tips in mind when selecting the food supplier that is best for you will be your biggest advantage for running your business efficiently. 

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