Nielsen’s Froz’n Lime has been produced since 1953. The fresh flavor and aroma is ideal for your favorite recipes requiring fresh squeezed juice.

Woolco Foods Item #: 797840 12/5fl. Oz $18.00

  • Costs less than fresh lemons or limes, fresh juice or bottled waters
  • Contains juice cells and pulp that give that extra fresh flavor
  • Will stay as fresh as fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice
  • Packaged in polyethylene containers to preserve natural flavors No Preservatives, sulfites, or chemicals that alter natural flavors
  • Easy to freeze, thaw, and use
  • Fresh flavors lasts more than a year when frozen at 0°F
  • Mix one pouch with water to make one quart of juice
  • Ideal for lemon meringue pies, key lime pies, lemonade, cocktails, sauces, pastries, sweet- sour bar mix, sorbets and marinades.

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