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Restaurants with Super Bowl Specials Win the Game

The Super Bowl is not just a sporting event—it’s a cultural phenomenon that brings people together to celebrate, cheer, and indulge. For restaurants, this presents a golden opportunity to score big by offering Super Bowl specials catering to avid sports fans’ needs. Here are some strategies restaurants can employ to stand out with their Super Bowl takeout menus and explore how lucrative this day can be for the food industry.

Crafting the Perfect Super Bowl Takeout Menu

Super Bowl Sunday is synonymous with indulgent comfort food. Restaurants can elevate classic game day dishes, such as wings, nachos, and sliders, by adding unique flavors and ingredients. Consider offering a variety of wing sauces, gourmet nacho toppings, and sliders with diverse protein options to cater to different tastes.

Recognizing that Super Bowl parties often involve groups of friends and families, restaurants can create family-sized packages that include a mix of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts. These packages make it convenient for customers to order everything they need for a Super Bowl feast in one go.

Exclusive Super Bowl Promotions

Entice customers with exclusive Super Bowl promotions, such as discounts, buy-one-get-one deals, or freebies for large orders. These promotions attract more orders and encourage customers to share their positive experiences, generating word-of-mouth marketing.

Customizable Platters 

Allow customers to customize their Super Bowl platters by choosing from various appetizers and sides. This personalization adds a special touch to the meal, making it more memorable for customers and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Interactive Experiences

Consider offering fun interactive experiences, such as DIY taco bars or build-your-own burger kits. These not only provide entertainment for customers but also make the dining experience more engaging, contributing to increased customer satisfaction.

The Stats Speak Volumes

As excitement builds for the upcoming Super Bowl, the financial buzz around the event is set to hit impressive levels. Projections suggest total spending on Super Bowl-related expenses, covering food, drinks, apparel, decorations, and other purchases, will reach a whopping $16.5 billion. This substantial amount not only emphasizes the economic significance of the Super Bowl as a cultural phenomenon but also points to an average individual expenditure of $85.36, according to the latest stats from the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Amidst this financial spectacle, the impact of Super Bowl specials on restaurant revenue is evident, backed by industry stats. According to a survey conducted by Toast, customers were asked, “Which of the following offers, if any, would encourage you to dine in?” 

The results revealed that…

Buy-one, get-one (BOGO) promotions hold the top spot, resonating with 42% of respondents. Following closely are discounts on menu-specific items (41%), combo deals (39%), a distinct Super Bowl special menu (36%), and packaged takeout meals (32%).

Spending trends and dining preferences highlight the significant economic influence the Super Bowl has nationwide.

As the Super Bowl approaches, restaurants can score big by curating enticing takeout menus and strategic promotions. By offering game day classics with a unique twist, family-sized packages, exclusive promotions, customizable platters, and interactive experiences, restaurants can cater to the diverse preferences of Super Bowl viewers. Restaurants that embrace the Super Bowl fever with creativity and strategic planning are poised to win big on this iconic sports day.